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Are You Ready to Unlock Your Students’ Reading Potential?

Literacy Decoded’s Orton Gillingham Course Guarantees Immediate Results!

Julie Snell

Teacher, Tutor, SLP

Literacy Decoded’s Orton Gillingham training program is excellent.
I have taken other similar programs and found this one to be the most well-organized, convenient (short modules that I could do on my own time), and complete (with a very thorough diagnostic test, lesson ideas, materials, and games).

Rikki Shusterman 

Mother & teacher

I’m a teacher but I used this for my son.
He has already learned the first list of letters and is thrilled to be putting words together.
The reading activities really motivate him and I finally have some direction over where to start.

Paul Kumal

Special Education Teacher

Literacy Decoded has been instrumental in empowering both myself and my students, all thanks to the impactful Orton Gillingham Method.
It goes beyond providing tools; it facilitates a deeper understanding of how language functions, transforming educators into more proficient and effective facilitators.

Are you tired of spending endless hours planning lessons and activities with minimal impact on your students' reading progress? Worried that some of your students aren't making sufficient progress, despite your best efforts?


Our Orton-Gillingham Course provides a comprehensive framework, reducing planning fatigue and ensuring your efforts lead to immediate and lasting results.

What's Included in Our
Orton Gillingham Course

Course with 10 Video Modules (90 Video Lessons)

Gain insights through 90 video lessons and coaching sessions.

Valued at $500

Word List Bundle and Rule Card Bundle

Receive a complete bundle to assess your students' needs accurately.

Valued at $100

Group Coaching Meetings

Participate in monthly live coaching sessions for personalized guidance.

Valued at $350

Extended 2 Year Membership

Immerse yourself in our distinctive coaching program with an extended 2-year membership.

Valued at $200

Multisensory Activities Bundle

Get over 100 resources to make learning engaging and fun.

Valued at $100

Transformative Classroom Setup

Learn the secrets to setting up SoR centers that deliver immediate results.

Valued at $75

Membership Community

Join a supportive community for ongoing collaboration and assistance.

Valued at $100

Written Summaries

Receive detailed summaries for each lesson for easy recall.

Valued at $25

Total = $1,500


Yours Today for Only

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Lisa Gelberman

BEd, OCT, Reading Specialist, Special Education Specialist, Orton Gillingham Certified


Lisa Gelberman is a distinguished educator and literacy expert, renowned for her dedication to enhancing literacy skills and supporting struggling readers.

As a Reading Specialist and Special Education Specialist, Lisa has dedicated her career to unlocking the potential of every learner.


Her passion for literacy improvement led her to attain certification in Orton Gillingham, a highly effective approach to teaching reading, writing, and spelling to individuals with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.


Through her innovative teaching strategies and profound understanding of literacy development, Lisa continues to make a significant impact, enabling individuals to overcome reading challenges and thrive in their educational journeys.

Don't just take our word for it

Paul Kumal

Special Education Teacher (grades 3-6)

Literacy Decoded has been invaluable in empowering both myself and my students in literacy and reading instruction.


It goes beyond tools, building a deeper understanding of language. I wholeheartedly endorse it for educators seeking excellence in literacy education."


Special Ed Teacher

I absolutely gained so much knowledge from Lisa Galberman's course. The materials, games, and especially the sight word memory method have been a game-changer in helping kids learn essential words.
Highly recommended for anyone wanting to delve into the science of reading and language acquisition!

Kayla Cooper

Grade 2 Teacher/Reading Specialist

Lisa Galberman's Orton Gillingham course has made my job as a Grade 2 teacher and reading specialist in kindergarten so much easier.
The structured, multisensory approach has not only helped my students follow rules but has also set clear expectations for each lesson, resulting in remarkable improvements in my readers. I honestly couldn't thank her enough; I highly recommend this course."

Are Ready to take your teaching to the next level? 

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to save $100 on our Orton-Gillingham Mastery Course.


Claim your discount code today and join a community of educators dedicated to unlocking reading success in every classroom!

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