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Your Phoneme Cards Are on Their Way!

An Exclusive Gift for Those Supporting Children Struggling with Reading

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Kayla Cooper
Grade 2 Teacher/Literacy Specialist

Literacy Decoded is absolutely fantastic.


It is so straightforward, you speak clearly and you are so relatable, and I love the resources and handouts I will get from this.


The diagnostics are incredible.

Paul Kumal
Spec Ed Teacher

My students have clearly improved their ability to decode words, and increased their confidence and self-esteem.


The program's emphasis on personalized learning has been instrumental in addressing the unique strengths and challenges of each learner, I recommend this program to all types of educators and parents without hesitation.

Sally Heisz,
Special Needs Teacher

Literacy Decoded’s step-by-step instruction and easy-to-follow videos make learning the techniques and progressions fun and engaging.


She models what she teaches with videos.


This course has taught me how to break down reading into logical steps that follow an intentional progression can transform how to work with children.


Comprehensive and Personalized Learning

Witness noticeable improvements in decoding skills, confidence, and self-esteem among students.


Our personalized approach caters to the unique strengths and challenges of each learner, ensuring tangible progress and growth.

Engaging and Practical

Dive into step-by-step instructions with engaging videos that demonstrate effective techniques.


Explore multisensory learning methods that make teaching and learning enjoyable and effective.

Clear Direction
and Guidance

Gain clarity and direction in teaching reading skills.


Understand how to start and progress systematically, supported by a wealth of resources.


Transform confusion into clear, actionable steps for effective teaching.

Transformative Learning Experience

Learn from a comprehensive course presented with kindness, sincerity, and confidence.


Access well-organized resources, including handouts and a supportive community, to become proficient in Orton Gillingham and make a difference in children’s lives.

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Lisa Gelberman

BEd, OCT, Reading Specialist, Special Education Specialist, Orton Gillingham Certified


Lisa Gelberman is a distinguished educator and literacy expert, renowned for her dedication to enhancing literacy skills and supporting struggling readers.

As a Reading Specialist and Special Education Specialist, Lisa has dedicated her career to unlocking the potential of every learner.


Her passion for literacy improvement led her to attain certification in Orton Gillingham, a highly effective approach to teaching reading, writing, and spelling to individuals with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.


Through her innovative teaching strategies and profound understanding of literacy development, Lisa continues to make a significant impact, enabling individuals to overcome reading challenges and thrive in their educational journeys.


Father and Son Reading a Book

The Orton Guarantee

Empowering Your Journey with Our Unconditional Promise

At Literacy Decoded, we stand behind our Orton Gillingham course with unwavering confidence.
We are committed to your satisfaction and the success of your literacy journey.
That's why we offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Our Promise to You
If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the results of our Orton Gillingham course, we will refund your entire purchase without any hassle.
Your satisfaction and success in mastering these techniques are our top priorities.

We firmly believe in the effectiveness of our course and its potential to transform your approach to teaching and learning literacy skills.
With our guarantee, you can enroll in our course with full confidence, knowing that your investment is protected. Your journey towards empowering young readers is supported by our commitment to your satisfaction.

Learning to read

For a LIMITED time get  $100 OFF when using the code: 100off

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