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Transform Your Students'  Reading Journey with the Orton Gillingham Method

Experience a transformation reading journey for kids with reading troubles with the Orton Glillingham Method. Unlock children's reading potential as this specialised method systematically teaches the relationship between sounds and letters, fostering confidence and proficiency in reading, writing, and spelling. 

The Key Principles of
The Orton Gillingham Method

The Key Principles of
The Orton Gillingham Method

Orton Gillingham employs a structured, multisensory technique, engaging visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning to reinforce reading skills.

This method incorporates hands-on activities, visual aids, and auditory exercises to enhance comprehension and retention.

Customized for Every Learner

This method is highly adaptable and tailored to suit individual learning needs.

Whether addressing dyslexia, learning differences, or varying abilities, Orton Gillingham offers personalized strategies, ensuring that each student receives the necessary support for their unique reading journey.

Sequential and Cumulative Learning

Orton Gillingham focuses on a sequential and cumulative learning process, systematically building upon mastered skills.


It teaches the relationships between sounds and letters step by step, enabling students to progress at their own pace while ensuring a solid foundation in phonics and language structure.

Multisensory Phonics Instruction

The Orton Gillingham method integrates multisensory techniques to teach phonics systematically, engaging visual, auditory, and tactile modalities.

This hands-on approach facilitates a deeper understanding of the connections between sounds and letters, fostering effective reading skills.

What People Say

Rikki Shusterman

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"OMG I love this! I’m a teacher but I used this for my son. He has already learned the first list of letters and is thrilled to be putting words together. The reading activities really motivate him and I finally have some direction over where to start. Everything is really clear too. Thank you!"

Kayla Cooper
Grade 2 Teacher/Literacy Specialist

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"Literacy Decoded is absolutely fantastic. It is so straightforward, you speak clearly and you are so relatable, and I love the resources and handouts I will get from this. The diagnostics are incredible."

Paul Kumal
Spec Ed Teacher

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"My students have clearly improved their ability to decode words, and increased their confidence and self-esteem. The program's emphasis on personalized learning has been instrumental in addressing the unique strengths and challenges of each learner, I recommend this program to all types of educators and parents without hesitation."

Children Running

About me

Lisa Gelberman

BEd, OCT, Reading Specialist, Special Education
Specialist, Orton Gillingham Certified

Lisa Gelberman is a distinguished educator and literacy expert, renowned for her dedication to enhancing literacy skills and supporting struggling readers.

As a Reading Specialist and Special Education Specialist, Lisa has dedicated her career to unlocking the potential of every learner.


Her passion for literacy improvement led her to attain certification in Orton Gillingham, a highly effective approach to teaching reading, writing, and spelling to individuals with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.


Through her innovative teaching strategies and profound understanding of literacy development, Lisa continues to make a significant impact, enabling individuals to overcome reading challenges and thrive in their educational journeys.

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